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How I help my clients

Whether you're already a senior leader or just starting out but aiming high, we can work together to build your leadership capability and ability to influence others.

Training organisations and groups on the key principles of diversity and inclusion – and how to implement them – has never been more important. 

Coaching is my life's passion and many of the skills involved harmonise beautifully with mentoring.

My work in prisons has been crucial to my own development as a conflict resolution specialist.


Certified executive coach, facilitator and high-risk conflict resolution specialist. 

No matter where my work takes me or who I connect with, authenticity is at the heart of my practice as an instigator of change.


Because real recognises real, and if you want to relate to people, understand their journey and help them face and overcome their challenges, you have to offer them your truth.


Whether I'm mentoring high-risk offenders or training the next generation of coaches and leaders, I don't hide the conflict and struggles that have shaped my life. Instead, I let those truths and the lessons they gave me speak to people.


It's through honesty, empathy, rapport-building and trust that we arrive at insight.


And that's when change becomes possible.

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My Offerings

My offerings are split into four areas - coaching, speaking, training/ workshop facilitation, youth leadership.


Please see below for more details.



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