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My coaching journey began when I was working with young people involved in gangs, county lines and serious youth violence.


I wanted to be more effective in helping young people in prison to turn their lives around.


I already knew the power of coaching to turn lives around. At its best, coaching offers something almost indescribable. I used to call it magic, but now I call it insight.


When I experienced coaching for the first time, I was stunned to find that the answers to my questions lay within me.


When I first started coaching, my sole focus was young people in prisons, but I soon discovered that the principles guiding that work could bring transformative benefits to people from all walks of life.



My coaching experience

I have had the privilege of coaching people in a wide range of settings, all with unique experiences, difficulties, aims and hopes.

Building positive relationships based on trust has allowed me to challenge people in a positive way, and loosen the ties that hold them back from achieving success.

My experience includes:

  • Master Level Coach Trainer at MOE Foundation

  • Head coach for Spark Inside

  • Leadership coach & Leadership Development Advisor for Frontline

  • Life coach for Young Women's Trust

  • Corporate and executive coaching for individuals and organisations


My role on the advisory board for Culture at Work also puts me in touch with the coaching needs of senior executives around the world.


"Why might I need coaching?":

  • If you’re trying to do something new or different

  • If you happen to be isolated i.e. senior leadership or in a minority group

  • When you’re in a personal transition in life

My purpose as a coach is to help you unlock your potential


As an executive coach I have worked with people at all levels. My certification is as an executive performance coach, so one of my focuses is on maximising performance. Other common areas I work on include but are not limited to:

  • managing difficult relationships and conflict, be it with an individual's manager, peers or direct reports;

  • supporting those trying to do something new or different in the workplace;

  • supporting those who may feel isolated, such as those in senior leadership or from a minority group;

  • dealing with a personal transition or crisis that is affecting work.


As a life coach, I support people to move towards their goals and discover ways to overcome their challenges. Some of the people I coach include young men between the ages of 15-25 years old who are in prison. I start coaching them when they are in prison and continue with them ‘through the gates’. I also coach underrepresented young women between the ages of 18-30 years old and support them in a range of areas, from finding employment to increasing their confidence.


  • I am certified in the ‘Your Career Plan’ credential, which means when supporting people with their careers there are a few areas I can help with.

  • When working with those unsure about their career path, I focus on discovery of the key elements that help them work at their best. We then create a career design statement that provides insight into the type of career and roles they would thrive in.


  • For those wanting to be inspired in their current roles, I help to create career goals increase motivation. These goals may be for progress, profit, development, or learning. Once we create a goal, we then work through a plan leading to its achievement.


  • And for those who have just started in a new role or career path and are unsure how to navigate the changes and challenges, I offer change management mapped to a journey of success.


Leadership is an area of passion for me, and I believe everyone has the potential to be a leader – whether that be leading themselves, individuals or teams of people. I am certified in RocheMartin’s Emotional Capital Report and the Centre of Applied Positive Psychology’s Strengths Finder. I specialise in emotional intelligence and using strengths-based approaches to create 360 reports. In addition, I also use values-based approaches.


​I regularly work as an associate on leadership programmes, where I focus on leadership capabilities as well as impact and influence. In addition to my 1:1 coaching, I am also a leadership development advisor and I deliver group coaching sessions.

Image by Alesia Kazantceva

Talk to me

If my approach sounds like a good fit for you or your organisation, let's start with a conversation. 

Who knows what we might achieve together. 


Dr Harvinder Tagger

Consultant Clinical Psychologist – Solar and Early Intervention in Psychosis

Chair of the BSMHFT Psychological Practitioners Advisory Committee (PPAC)

What an amazing and inspirational coach and person!!!


I’ll start off with what I am building up to. Jeffrey has been commissioned recently by my line manager within BSMHFT to provide a series of coaching sessions to Psychology Leads. From the initial chemistry session it was apparent Jeffrey bought his authentic self to the sessions which very quickly allowed me to bring my authentic self. This, mixed in along with humour and honest reflections, made it a valuable experience for me that has helped me achieve the aim that was set at the beginning and then some!I


particularly valued a reframe presented to me very early on that helped my own position in today’s society. I was also eager to think about my own in between session tasks and points to reflect on that I was keen to put into practice.


Another sign of Jeffrey’s skills in coaching was the ability to help me identify my own strengths without this being forced, or feeling patronised. Instead I felt more empowered. A key indicator of this me was that I was keen to talk about the sessions and specifically about Jeffrey to colleagues (which is another recommendation of Jeffrey that I would strongly make if anyone, individual or group, is wishing to consider utilising his skills).


I appreciated hearing his approach in other areas of his work and I am genuinely pleased to hear how far and wide his reach is spreading. The coaching sessions have had such a positive impact that we have recently asked him back for further development sessions to us as a group of senior leaders and managers.

In summary, what an amazing and inspirational coach and person!!!



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