I'm a firm believer that telling stories about our lives is key to building understanding and gaining insight into each other's worlds.


Having worked in a wide variety of settings, and lived through some challenging chapters of my own life, I'm able to share stories of conflict and its resolution, of hope and its fulfilment, and of recovery from despair and disappointment.


I am passionate about the psychology of change, and I love to connect with audiences who are interested in making personal breakthroughs and helping others do the same.


I also enjoy speaking about what real leadership looks like, its potential impact on people and organisations, and how groups can work together more effectively and successfully.




Academic Rep Manager

Jeffrey was utterly engaging and passionate, tailoring his talk perfectly for our audience, making it relevant and motivational. He went above and beyond to create a workshop for students that encouraged them to look to the future and enabled them to use existing role models in their lives to increase their own potential. The inclusion of anecdotes from his career created a down to earth yet educational talk that gave extra life to his stage presence that was complimented by his personality and tone.

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