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Master level delivery.
Human level communication.

No matter where my work takes me or who I connect with, authenticity is at the heart of my practice as an instigator of change.


Because real recognises real, and if you want to relate to people, understand their journey and help them face and overcome their challenges, you have to offer them your truth.


Whether I'm mentoring high-risk offenders or training the next generation of coaches and leaders, I don't hide the conflict and struggles that have shaped my life. Instead, I let those truths and the lessons they gave me speak to people.


It's through honesty, empathy, rapport-building and trust that we arrive at insight.


And that's when change becomes possible.


My experiences as a young man growing up in the inner city of London set me on a path to the work I do now.


You might say they gave me emotional capital.


While many of those experiences were difficult to live through, they instilled in me an understanding that allows me to reach the people I meet on an (emotional) spiritual/ deep level.


This is as true in my work with those affected by youth offending and youth violence as it is in the workshops and training courses I deliver for managers and aspiring leaders.

Cultural capital


Working internationally and in a wide variety of settings throughout the United Kingdom has strengthened my ability to communicate across cultural barriers and unite people around commonly held values and principles.


I've coached young men in prisons, and the highest risk offenders (MAPPA) in the UK listened to their stories, and sat with the pressures, threats and prejudices they live with.


I've worked with professionals and carers, to enable them to experience what life is like for those mentioned.


I've supported young women struggling to live on low or no pay, striving to make change in the most challenging circumstances.


And I've shared these experiences and the powerful insights they gave me in seminars, training programmes and one-to-one coaching sessions around the world.

Faith In People


My faith, my family and my belief in fun and positivity underpin everything I do, making energy, hope and purpose part of my offering.


I've been fortunate to work with – and be inspired by – some incredible people in my life, and thanks to them my belief in the power of people never wavers.


I also believe people learn best when they are having fun, and I know that if the people I work with aren't laughing and smiling somewhere along the way, I need to work harder!

Talk to me

If my approach sounds like a good fit for you or your organisation, let's start with a conversation. 

Who knows what we might achieve together. 



Director and Co-Founder

Jeffrey was an excellent session leader for the Pitch-it mentors. He developed tailored session material on working with young  people and an introduction to coaching. His tone with the group was excellently judged; making them laugh a lot which was particularly useful for sessions that took place in the evening, after work and great for building a sense of group which is exactly what I wanted.

As well as keeping the tone light though, Jeffrey maintained a high level of authority and presence in the room. His experience working with young people who are struggling was invaluable. Quite often, it’s easy to over-complicate the relationship and as a result lose sight of why the mentors want to be involved in the first place. Jeffrey reminded us that the most important thing, is to care.

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