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Global Majority

The term "global majority" refers to disadvantaged and marginalised populations around the world who are often excluded from decision-making processes and lack access to resources and opportunities.

The term emphasises that these populations actually make up the majority of the global population and includes groups such as indigenous peoples, people of colour, women, LGBTQ+ people, people with disabilities, and people living in poverty.


What I Can Offer

As a workshop facilitation coach, I believe that workshop facilitators can play a crucial role in addressing the needs of the global majority. Here are a few ways I can help:

Creating inclusive workshop environments: I can create an inclusive environment where all participants feel welcomed, valued, and heard. This means being aware of and addressing issues of bias, discrimination, and exclusion in the workshop.

Incorporating diverse perspectives: I can incorporate diverse perspectives into workshop activities, materials and discussions. I share my perspectives and experiences, and ensure that the workshop content is relevant and accessible to diverse groups.




 CEO of Fat Beehive

"Jeffrey facilitated a superb two day business planning / team building event (with overnight stay) for the whole team - 35 people, including two new starters and people from both our London and Manchester offices. The company had been going through a difficult summer after a major reorganisation, a 65% increase in staff in 8 months and hybrid working had caused the team to become fragmented. His calm manner and reassuring presence meant we were able to do some deep work together to understand how we might all thrive at work, and develop better relationships, attitudes and behaviours. On day two he helped us work through how everyone could play a part in getting the organisation to a four day week.

Jeffrey was exceptionally skillful at ensuring everyone had a voice and felt included - getting people to think about their role in making the company better, whilst also creating a sense of fun. All the team left on an exceptionally high note and the universal feedback was that Jeffrey had been by far the best facilitator we had ever used. 

As the CEO I couldn't recommend Jeffrey more strongly ."

Talk to me

If my approach sounds like a good fit for you or your organisation, let's start with a conversation. 

Who knows what we might achieve together. 

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