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MOE Foundation Podcasts - EP 5

Episode Summary:

In episode 5 of Podventures, Darren Robson talks to Jeffrey Wotherspoon – a highly-valued member of the community who has been instrumental since the inception of MOE Foundation.

Jeffrey starts by sharing his story in looking back to his early years and the combined London-Ghanaian upbringing. At age 5, Jeffrey returns from Ghana to East London (his birthplace) with the resounding memory of seeing white people for the first time – to which his young mind was blown with this new world. As his childhood continues in London, primary years were a mixture of being enthusiastically engaged in school (thanks to a supportive teacher who had a huge impact on him) and the contrast of increasingly bad behaviour outside of the classroom, which Jeffrey attributes to environment and circumstance.

As we move through the episode, Jeffrey’s story is one of intuition and decision, with him facing many forks in the road where he had to choose which path to take. This journey was navigated with a strong belief that God was guiding the way. This faith originated and grew through an initial, and then multiple, ‘divine interventions’ as Jeffrey describes them.

By being divinely guided, Jeffrey has moved on from various negative life situations that has held captive numerous other people he was surrounded by. Many of these friends and acquaintances have spent time in and out of prison, as well as some who will remain there for the rest of their lives.

Jeffrey’s story continues to explore further how he discovered his true calling and life purpose through the unfolding of unplanned synchronicities and events, including his path crossing with MOE in 2012. This was the start of his professional coaching practice and the development of a successful portfolio career that has aligned perfectly with his mission to do particular work with specific groups of people – including prisoners and those marginalised by society. Jeffrey is increasingly seen as a leader in his field and an expert in the areas of; Coach training, Assertiveness and conflict resolution and more recently EDI (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion).

From this episode, listeners will take away a definite reassurance of where an individual life’s journey begins doesn’t have to determine where they continue to tread, or who and what they become in society – even when much of their early environment led to the reinforcement of self-limiting beliefs in the individual. Jeffrey’s story highlights how far he feels he is now from where he started, and the astounding difference to where he believed he would end up as he looked to the future as a youngster growing up in London.

Jeffrey signs off his story encouraging others to reach out and get plugged into MOE and embrace all it has to offer. He recognises he has truly benefited from being part of the amazing community – and we at MOE also truly know the depth of how much we all have benefitted from having Jeffrey integral to MOE over the last 10 years.

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