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Performance Coaching: A complete guide to best-practice coaching and training (3rd Edition)

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Featured in Performance Coaching by Carol Wilson

I'm delighted to have been featured in the third edition of Carol Wilson's book, Performance Coaching: A Complete Guide to Best Practice Coaching and Training.

Carol is a fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management and she designed the MOE Foundation's coach training course, which was fundamental in shaping my career as a coach.

The book describes my journey from training with MOE and holding ambitions to coach in prisons, to becoming a head coach for Spark Inside and facilitating the Hero's Journey life coaching programme.

In the book, I relate some of my experiences in delivering The Hero's Journey programme to young men in prisons. The programme and the people working through it have given me some of the most powerful moments of my career, seeing people's lives change course and seeing their view of themselves shift during conversations.

The book also examines MOE's involvement in the African Prisons Project, which is a charity founded to improve the education and access to justice of detainees in Africa.

I led MOE's work on the project, delivering coach training to prison governors from across Africa, whom have the responsibility of being in charge of prisons and face incredibly difficult working conditions as they deal with underfunded, inefficient criminal justice systems.

This work helped prison governors in Africa to support prison officers through coaching, building resilience and leadership in circumstances where it is sorely needed.

I am grateful to Carol for sharing my experiences through the book, and for all the work she has committed to MOE over the years.

My features can be found on: Page -127 MOE Foundation, Page 129- Spark Inside, and Page 132- Training prison Governors for the African Prisons Project.

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