I have worked with many people from different 

backgrounds and professions over the course of my career.

Read some of my work:


Delivering an Executive coach training course (ILM Level 7) to Directors, Managers, Team Leaders, Learning and Development Heads, HR Executives, Trainers & Executives wishing to become internal executive coaches.


I hold to positions for Frontline. One as a Leadership Coach for Consultant Social Workers primarily delivering 1:1 sessions, and the other as a Leadership Development Advisor for Firstline Leaders. Both are tailored programmes delivering both 1:1 and group coaching sessions.  The programmes aim to facilitate leaders who model best and reflective practice, to facilitate systemic change in social work that will support children and families. 


I am the lead on Gangs, County lines and Serious Youth Violence, delivering a range of webinars and training sessions, on the use of Virtual Reality as an effective solution to the tackle the issues mentioned above. I also assisted with the creation of some of the virtual reality experiences.


I am a Head Coach at Sparkinside, a charity that supports young men in Prison between ages of 15-25 years old. And also the lead Coach on their pilot project ‘Hero’s Journey from a Black Perspective’, which is a variation of our flagship programme spefically working with young men who identify as ‘Black’. 


I delivered a Global Diversity Awareness programme with American based Client ‘IES Abroad’, who have centres across the globe (34 locations across 6 continents). 

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